Friday, 20 September 2013

New Work 27th September

Hello Photography bloggers alike.

This is a very brief blog to promote my up coming exhibition at my local Gallery in Tadcaster. The exhibition will be at Gallery 42 ( from the 28th September for 2 weeks. But there is a preview night on Friday the 27th September. This is when I will be there trying to sell my work. I will be show casing some of my latest works with the focus being Filters, Form and Colour.

The images will include architectural delights as well as creepy theme park rides with atmospheric use of HDR. I have been thoroughly looking forward to the show casing of my new never before seen works and hope it will be a success. Anyone is invited, fellow photographers, Gallery owners, Business people. As I have said I will be there in person to answer questions you all may have. There is also free wine and food as well as live music from various bands from the local area.

These are just some of the images you can expect to see.

Hope to see you all there. If you require any further information do not hesitate to comment or directly message me at

All the best

Matt Dixon