Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New Stuff

Hello again its been a while. Im starting to think I should have started this blog when I had more time to do it.

Anyway im back and although I did promise to review my lenses, after recieving no comments, likes or  followers on my camera review I didnt think it was worth my time. If for some reason you were looking forward to that post please message me and I will get to it.

Instead I have decided to show you what I have been doing lately and I really would love some comments on my work both positive and negative, I am still learning so I need all the help I can get.

I have been working on improving my HDR skills and what subjects I can apply them too. I have found HDR works really well with architecture and structures. I have spent alot of time moving around my local area of Yorkshire and sometimes venturing to Geordie Land (Newcastle) which I absolutely adore for structure photography as there is so much diversity every where you turn. The contrast of the new Millennium Bridge with the old bridge, The Sage with the old buildings around it and also the Graffiti alley which was quite a focus on my latest shoot.      
As you can see I was there a long while taking pictures throughout the day. I really wanted to show the material of the structures off the most in different lighting situations so I used HDR to add in colour that is then reflected by the chrome frame work of each structure. That helps to emphasise depth and clarity of the image.

The sage was by far the best building to show this off as the whole structure is like a giant mirror so the sun really reflected well which helped in the HDR process when booting colours. I dampened them down just sightly so that the clouds around the edges looked slightly moody and atmospheric.

 This Graffiti image was taken on arrival as i walked through it I felt it truly captured urban life and has since been entered into an urban competition. I used my new technique of making each shot panoramic. I decided to leave the colours fairly natural but I did use HDR to bring back the sky.
This was the image I went to Newcastle for. To see all 3 iconic structures all in one shot. I wanted to make sure the Sage was dead centre in the image so that everything was symmetrical. Sorry its down to my OCD. But I do feel that it helped capture the structures really well and im very pleased with this image.

HDR for me hasnt stopped there all though I bet some of you wished it had. But I found HDR gives a photographer that added bit of creativity that is needed for us to stand out from each other. It allows me to control what part of the image becomes the true focus not through depth of field but through the use of colour. I have created this new technique that I hope makes me unique which is to manipulate my image to such an extent that they become a piece of art. I boost colours contrast and details using blur but only when needed (very rarely) and to me this makes for more interesting images than the RAW shot from camera.

Now im sure I will get some hate mail from photographers that think it is a crime to edit an image but what can I say. I do and im not stopping as it has proved successful so far and im hoping it will help me gain more recognition than my simple landscapes do.


These are just a small selection of my HDR images that I have taken but these are some of the few that have been given the best reviews by the public and buyers at fairs. 

This is what I want to move into but rest assured my blogs eventually will contain more than just HDR.

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Join me next time for my blog about my trip with Photoplus magazine available 28th June where im stalking deer with World renowned wildlife photographer Ben Hall.

Thanks for reading I would really appreciate some comments and feedback on my images and dont forget to follow me and keep up to date with whats going on in Focus Photography land.

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